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News Notes

3″ x 3″ full-color adhesive ad placed above the fold on the front page

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Special Sections

Monthly and annual special sections targeted toward a specific audience.

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Sponsor specific content that dovetails with your product or services.

Schuylkill Living Magazine:

A full-color glossy publication: it provides an interesting look at life in Schuylkill County.

Published since 1997, the quarterly magazine showcases the area: people, places, cultural and social events, and interesting aspects of life in this part of Pennsylvania… the hard coal region.

Between the pages of Schuylkill Living Magazine, you’ll find fascinating stories about local people, successful businesses, county government, and the issues that affect the region today.

Every colorful issue also contains lots of photos of the county as it stands today, and historical articles about what life was like in the coal region in years past.






Publication Date





Issue Deadline

January 12

April 6

July 6

October 5

Contact Us:

Republican Herald
111 Mahantongo Street

Pottsville PA 17901

Mike Joyce
Director of Advertising

P) 570-628-6049

[email protected]

Aimee Eckley
Director of Interactive Media

P) 570-628-6052

[email protected]

Dawn Fisher
Sales Consultant – Autos

P) 570-628-6053

[email protected]

Cathy Miller
Sales Consultant – Vendor Sections / New Business

P) 570-628-6063

[email protected]

Ronda Imschweiler
Sales Consultant – Pottsville Area


[email protected]

Cathy Scheipe
Sales Consultant – Minersville, Pine Grove, Valley View, St. Clair, Hegins Areas

P) 570-628-6057

[email protected]

Denna Styka
Sales Consultant – Frackville, Mahanoy City, Shenandoah, Ashland Areas

P) 570-628-6248

[email protected]

Leslie Wagner
Sales Consultant – Schuylkill Haven, Orwigsburg, Hamburg Area

P) 570-628-6061

[email protected]

It Works For Me!

Special Sections:


Estate Tab (t)

Published: August 10
Deadline: August 1

Football (t)

Published: August 20
Deadline: August 4

Fall Home Improvement (t)

Published: August 31
Deadline: August 22


Church Directory (4”x11”)

Published: September 1
Deadline: August 1

Senior Living (t)

Published: September 7
Deadline: August 29

United Way (t)

Published: September 8
Deadline: August 25

Local Professionals (t)

Published: September 28
Deadline: September 15


Cancer Awareness (t)

Published: October 5
Deadline: September 26

Most Wanted (t)

Published: October 19
Deadline: October 10


Education Guide (t)

Published: November 5
Deadline: October 27

Senior Living (t)

Published: November 16 Deadline: November 7

Christmas Gift Guide (t)

Published: November 19
Deadline: November 10


Christmas Gift Guide II (t)

Published: December 1
Deadline: November 21

Holiday Songbook (t)

Published: December 10
Deadline: November 30

Last Minute Gift Guide (t)

Published: December 14
Deadline: December 1 2017