Get Outside

The great outdoors are our playground, and we’ve brewed OUTSIDE IPA as the perfect complement to doing what we love. A classic, clean American IPA, ripe tropical fruit and pine aromas are a breath of fresh air, and the finish will keep you ready for more.
Whatever your adventure, OUTSIDE IPA is your companion.

Flying Fish Brewing Co.

The employees of Flying Fish are just like you. They enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends, and they want to ensure the beauty endures for generations to come.

That’s why Flying Fish is not only committed to brewing high-quality beers, but we also practice sustainability and care for the environment throughout the process.

436 solar panels help with our electricity needs, 19 solar tubes in our warehouse reduce the need for artificial lighting, recaptured steam in the brewing process minimizes water waste, and rain gardens on site prevent erosion. And spent grains? They go to local farms with happy cows.

Want to learn more and see us in operation? Visit us Wednesday – Sunday in our Tasting Room and try our award-winning beers! Or find them near you by searching our Beer Finder below.

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